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Why Airport Homes

I like to tell folks, “I’m an airport home specialist. I sell airports.” I get a few funny looks, a lot of smiles and many who want to know more…

One of my very first listings was a large rural grass airstrip: a privately owned, public use airport. What exactly does that mean!? I had no idea at the time… but my experience has since made me an expert!

There are over 100 registered airports around Portland, owned by folks just like you and me. Some are completely privately owned and operated, some are privately owned but allow public use. There are paved strips and grass strips, each with their own special history. Some are old crop duster airstrips out in fields that were used to support a rural, agricultural lifestyle. Some are more on the fancy side, with paved airstrips, expansive hangars, flying schools, etc. And some, of course, are state owned and operated for the general public.

Over the course of my adventures being an Oregon Airport Specialist, I’ve developed a strong desire to help support and be an advocate for general aviation. I want to preserve our little privately owned airports! It’s so sad to see a rural airstrip be chopped up and subdivided into a row of homes for metro sprawl.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that homes are being built for new homeowners. As a Realtor, I relish the excitement of a new neighborhood of homes to sell. But the other side of me thinks, “where do the first timers, the adventure lovers and the just-for-the-love-of-flying folks go when they need to learn, practice or just enjoy the art of flying?”

I love showing airport homes. There might be a few that I haven’t found, but I now know most of the private airports in and around the Portland Metro and surrounding areas. I’ve sold quite a few of them to pilots–who now love the fact that they can fly home. Land your plane, pull into your hangar and walk in to dinner. It makes me smile to just to think of that and to see their faces light up as relay their private airport and aviation adventures.

If you want to talk airport properties… please give me a call!
There’s an airport out there for you and I would love to help you find it. Call me today for a free consultation. No obligation, of course!

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