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Keeping General Aviation alive… where will you land if the airstrips are gone?

To you…The adventurous Pilots out there…

Why do you LOVE to Fly? It’s a Passion. It’s Necessary to our lives! Flying… you’ve got to admit…is just damn cool!

So…What if…there were no smaller airports to fly your plane to and land on?

If we think about it… everyone in a big airplane, started in a little airplane! With urban sprawl and growth… too many Airports are closing.  Once an airport closes, you can never re-open it. We are losing centers of commerce centers of recreation. We are losing ground on encouraging and enjoying the joy of flight! General Aviation is in jeopardy…we need it to stay alive!

One of my first listings in Oregon was a Public Use/Privately owned 35 acre airport & home in Sandy, OR.  It was a great experience.  I found my appreciation and intrigue of pilots & flight…during that year  of attempting to sell a property that seemed like no one wanted it, I did a lot of research and investigating on what general aviation really was. I learned how to find the pilots, I learned what challenges these rural airport properties faced.  I learned that banks and buyers were kind of leary of a commitment to a home like this.

Then… also what I found quite often is that the current pilots & families that live in some of these air parks homes are often getting older, their hangars now house personal stuff, RV’s, boats etc. and the owner no longer flies.  I started paying attention to that phenomenon.  Folks who weren’t pilots, were buying the airport homes – because they have the ultimate garage! Room for EVERYTHING they own!

But where are the pilots? … maybe they didn’t even know that these Airport properties were available to buy! How do you find airport homes for sale?? How do you find pilots to sell these homes to? How do I do this??

Along the way in my marketing efforts, at a small Fly-In event in Arlington, WA, I saw a poster for a movie they were showing that evening to the attendees called “One Six Right. The Romance of Flying” by Brian Terwilliger, Producer. This movie is about Van Nuys Airport and the challenges that it faces trying to not get eaten up by developments, etc.   Los Angeles, California went from 66 small airports over the years leaving only 9 General aviation airports over the years.   I found myself feeling compassionate to be an Advocate for General Aviation and found my passion in selling the airport homes with airstrips in Oregon.    This movie… is a great movie to watch whether you are a pilot or not… download it on Amazon!

10 years later… I’ve sold & have listed many private airports and homes with common use airstrips in Oregon.  I now call myself an Airport Home specialist.

Oregon has over 300 Private airport properties.  Private use, Public use… and this creates… Places to Fly!   And…Oregon Dept of Aviation has recently passed a new bill (HB2038 – see link below)  to protect owners of smaller airports – from the liability of a pilot landing.  This helps encourage owners to not fear having a pilot ask for permission to land and the liability risk is not a threat to their property.  This law and the visual beauty from the sky views from your small aircraft… makes Oregon a great place to fly in!  We have places to land!

Keeping pilots in homes on airstrips is the best way to keep the General Aviation alive here in Oregon.  I’m doing my best to advocate for this passion of flying!

If you are considering a lifestyle change, let’s talk.   Live with your family and your plane…I’d love to help you….Fly Home!


Connie Knittel

PS – if this isn’t for you…would you mention to your fellow Pilot friends… search for Oregon Airport Homes and call Connie!   503-407-8020

Some new laws regarding General Aviation funding, HB2075 and limited liability for owners of Private airports, HB2038:

And a new law for enhancing of financial support for General Aviation:  HB2075.


What are you looking for?  A sense of relief to look out your door and see your plane… and soon after, fly out on a Saturday afternoon right from your home hangar?

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