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Gold Rush Alaska – My first Airport Sale

My First Airport Buyers

I learned about Airport home sales from this sale.  There’s lots of details, due diligence and information that future airport owners need to know when buying a private airport property!   Oregon is a great place to own an airport due to the support of the State of Oregon Department of Aviation.  I learned there’s alot more details that are critical to the purchase of an airport home, than a buyer would come across on a typical purchase.   These guys are great guys and have done some great work through their hit TV series on the Discovery Channel.  Congratulations Todd & Jack and all!   Love watching the story and the challenges of life and work!   Blessings to you all!

Turbulence and Real Estate!!!???

A Real Estate transaction can be like an Airplane ride…Your Oregon Airport Belle!!!

You’ve probably experienced it…you are on airplane flight and just want to get home. And then turbulence happens. Fasten your seatbelts and be prepared for the unknown…but that pilot is planning on landing safely and getting you home.

Real Estate sale processes can be similar to airplane turbulence. Today’s real estate market isn’t easy to figure out. Our industry has hit some unknown turbulence and new patterns. More than ever, working with a full time, professional Realtor to get you into your home is critical.

30 years of experience in working in the real estate industry has taught me, that for the most part, sales were typically matching a piece of property with a buyer that has a desire. That’s true still, but things have changed.

This changing market has some of us scratching our heads, honestly. But here are some things I know….

· Historically, low interest rates and high inventory make it a great time to buy.  Right now…our inventory is a little low.  But I’m looking for airport listings all the time!  If you know a pilot that wants to sell…well, you know what to do!  Give them my name!!
· If you want to buy a home, get Pre-qualified right away.
· If you see a home that you like come on the market, don’t be afraid to make an offer right away. Sometimes hesitating can make you lose the house to another buyer.
· If you don’t have to sell your home, don’t. Good time to upgrade!
· If you have mortgage payments that are sending you reeling, just remember, you have some options.
· If you choose not to sell “low” and not move up now, it may cause you to miss a great deal on your new, bigger home (since rates & prices are so attractive).

This often turbulent market takes an agent who is knowledgeable, isn’t afraid of hard work, who is willing to push up her sleeves and get the job done. Knowing what to do when the turbulence of the process causes some stress… is key. There’s almost always an answer, almost always a solution or an idea.

Creative thinking and being willing to go the extra mile and help to navigate your real estate future is what you’ll get when working with Connie Knittel.

Serving the Sandy, rural Clackamas and Multnomah areas for over 10 years. Also specializing in airport properties. Always in the top sales performers for real estate sales and listings. Served as 2010 Chair of the Sandy Chamber board, involved in miscellaneous committees on Main Street, Economic Development and more.

Want to buy a home for your family or sell your current home?   Please find a seat, Call Connie Knittel & M Realty…and put your Seatbelt on…we’ll get you to your destination safely!!

Showing Airport Homes…is what I do…


Reliable.  Comfortable. Hardworking.

Of all the shoes in my closet, these old black shoes seem to be my favorite.  I admit, I do have alot of shoes…but these…I call “my Showing Shoes”.   You see, as a Realtor, showing rural and country homes can take you down so many different paths…gravel roads, hay fields, farm land, horse barns, view properties, Airport properties, forested back acreage, pool decks, marble entries and tile travertine tile kitchens.   Homes of all types, prices and styles…let’s just say…my shoes and I….we’ve been places!

My Showing shoes slip on and off easily for visits to lovely homes with sensitive hardwood floors but are solid and comfortable enough to provide support and durability in all types of weather and terrain.   Although they are showing the years now, with a broken spot and wrinkled worn leather, they bounce back with a good rub down and a shine of shoe polish. I can’t seem to toss them out…or fix them.

My shoes and I have seen hundreds of homes over the years of selling real estate in this area.  And I guess, I’ve come to realize that they are kind of similar to me…

I think we have the same work ethic…
Reliable.     Comfortable.     Hardworking.
(And we clean up good!)

Well…next time you’d like to see some homes, an airport property or talk real estate, give me a call.

I’ll put on My Showing shoesand come right over!