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Hangar Talk….

I tell folks… “I’m an airport home specialist. I sell airports. ”

I get a few funny looks, a lot of smiles and many who want to know more…

When talking with pilots and folks who live on an Oregon airport property, I find a special commitment, an intense love of aviation and the joy of flying.  Other than their family and home, their plane is one of the most important possessions they own.  It’s a sense of relief to look out their door and know their plane is within sight and easy to work on knowing their family is nearby instead of driving to the other side of town.   And soon after, fly out on a Saturday afternoon right from their home hangar.

Over the course of my adventures being an Oregon Airport Home Specialist, I’ve developed a strong desire to help support and be an advocate for General Aviation.  With my efforts, I hope to preserve our little privately owned airports!   Often a rural airstrip can be turned into a subdivision of homes with developers anxious for the parcel of land.  I’m seeing homes on airstrips with hangars that are filled with RV’s and personal items instead of airplanes.  Keeping active flying pilots in homes on airstrips is the best way to keep the General Aviation alive her in Oregon.

Pilots and planes need places to land!   Oregon has recently passed new laws that support GA, such as HB2038, a law supporting liability issues for owners of small airstrips for guest pilots requesting landing.  The law protects the owner of the small airport and puts the liability on the plane owner.  Oregon also passed an Aviation funding fuel tax bill HB2075 that will support improvements for GA business and rural airports.  It’s a good time to be in General Aviation in Oregon!

If you are considering a lifestyle change, let’s talk.   If you are wanting to live with your family AND your plane, I would love to help you… Fly Home!

If you want to talk Airport properties in the Pacific NW – give me a call.  I think I know most of them!    Thanks!


PS – Part of the reason why I’m passionate about these airport properties is a good aviation movie… go to and download the movie “One Six Right. The Romance of Flying.”  It’s a short little movie about the love of flying and how it’s important that we support these private airports and keep them from going away to developers, as so many airports have in California and other areas.   Let’s keep these pilots having places to land!

Lernhard’s Airpark

I had a great time at Lenhardt’s Air Haven AirPark on a Friday morning for coffee & donuts!   I was lucky enough to meet Linda Buroker-Melhoff and see her newly restored Piper Cub that she and her husband Rich restored!  So fun!    She is an amazing woman – taught to fly by her Mom!   You’ll need to stop in for coffee & donuts and be sure to visit their hangar and see the pictures she has on the wall of her Mom, Gladys Dawson Buroker from the 30’s!  Truly an Aviation Pioneer!   Amelia…move over!

Also met with Terri Coleman – Co-owner and operator of Lenhardt’s AirHaven….and one of the Willamette Valley Fly Girls members!

If you’re looking for coffee and a donut and an aviation lover’s gathering… Lenhardt’s is a fun place to visit!